Maintenance Package

Cars $60

Suv/trucks/minivans/ $70

Information-Complete Wipe Down and Vacuuming of the Interior of your Vehicle

In addition to washing the exterior of your vehicle, we will also completely wipe down and vacuum the interior of your vehicle to remove any dust and debris. We will clean all of the glass in your vehicle and even empty out the ashtrays in your vehicle. Also the rubber mats will be cleaned. Also cup holders will be cleaned.

Hand wash and dry also  we will also dress all of the plastic items as well as the tires on your vehicle with a protectant dressing that will make them shine like new. Clean glass and shiny tires always make any vehicle look much better.

Interior detail

Rejuvenate your interior with our interior detailing service. It features a deep cleaning of all interior surfaces to remove any dirt, debris and odors. Carpets are shampooed and deep-cleaned with a hot water extractor. Cloth seats are shampooed or leather seats are cleaned with a pH-neutral leather cleaner and then nourished with a conditioner. Any stains on the headliner are gently removed with special detergents. The trunk and spare tire areas are cleaned. This service includes a free Exterior Hand Wash. Also we will steam clean everything.

Prices Starting At:

Cars $150 | Midsize $200 | Over-Size $275